Wolf Cinema TXF-4200

Your Wolf Cinema team continues the quest to create the near-perfect home theater solution: introducing the TXF-3500. Video perfectionists everywhere can now enjoy one of our reference projectors that delivers amazingly lifelike pictures via next-generation 8K on-screen imaging technologies!

If the recent trend in 4K imaging has brought us improved video sources, more refined displays, expanded dynamic range playback and extended color fidelity, imagine what your favorite sources will look like on an 8K projector with 4 times the on-screen pixel density! The future is truly available now, with the TXF-3500 cinema projector.

The TXF-3500 is built around three 0.69 native UHD/4K D-ILA® [Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier] imaging chips and adds the remarkable 8K e-shift wizardry – all video sources are up-converted to an astonishing 8192 x 4320 on-screen resolution. This unique light engine is hand constructed by the Wolf Cinema engineering team, hand calibrated and refined by our production group prior to shipment – assuring the ultimate performance in your home theater for years to come.

This special unit delivers 2300 ANSI peak white, with exceptionally deep black levels (~1,200,000:1 in dynamic mode), frame-based HDR10 expanded dynamic range capabilities, ultra-wide color gamut renditions approaching the BT.2020 color space (well beyond the cinema DCI P3 standards), 3D imaging, and more – all carefully rendered by a precision all-glass optical path for ultra-sharp imaging from today’s most demanding sources.

Without a doubt, this is one of the finest home theater solutions yet available.

Don’t forget to consider one of our optional 4K ProScaler video processors – providing advanced video calibrations for all sources via multiple HDMI 4K60p inputs and outputs. Equally important, the ProScaler’s remarkable E-VariScope™ technology makes selecting your favorite 1.78:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, etc. aspect ratios a snap, when presented on a suitable CinemaScope™ 2.35:1/2.40:1 widescreen.

Witness the TXF-3500 8K imaging marvel at a Wolf Cinema dealer nearest you.

  • Производитель Wolf Cinema
  • Модель TXF-4200
  • Форм-фактор Проекторы для домашнего кинотеатра
  • Размер ширина 559
  • Размер высота 248
  • Размер глубина 629
  • Вес 45.5
  • Ед. изм. шт.
  • Тип Проекторы
  • Тип матрицы D-ILA
  • Световой поток (лм.) 3300
  • Ед.изм.СП. ANSI
  • Разрешение 8192х4320
  • Источник света Лампа
  • Мин. TD 1.35:1
  • Макс. TD 2.0:1
  • Сдвиг по горизонтали 45%
  • Сдвиг по вертикали 79%
  • Серия TXF
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